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Full Spectrum Hemp
100% Organic Ingredients
No THC, Sulphates, or Parabens
Instant Pain Relief
May Reduce Inflammation
Can Promote Cellular Regeneration

ALiAS Pain Balm

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Crash-tested, track-tested, life-tested.

Formulated from potent and rare botanicals, ALiAS Pain Balm works at the cellular receptor level to help repair, regenerate and reduce inflammation for fast healing.

Pure CO2 Extraction

Our extraction method is 100% free of risky additives resulting in our safe, potent and powerful ALiAS Pain Balm. Other hemp oil products use extraction methods that rely on toxic solvents that may leave harmful chemicals behind.

High bio-availability

We keep our ingredients in their natural form which our bodies are programmed to recognize and utilize easily. Our methodology aligns with nature to help boost your body's own innate healing functions.

Hemp Oil + Arnica

Two of nature's most effective compounds, hemp oil and arnica can help relieve pain and reduce inflammation. Our proprietary formulation brings these time-tested power players together, magnifying the effect of each to improve your recovery time.

I’m blown away at the results. A lot of the other products I have used have that cold feeling for a short amount of time, then you can’t tell a difference. ALiAS never has that cold feeling but is just a constant pain relief and lasts most of the day! I use it twice a day and can really notice a difference. RJ Hampshire
Rockstar Energy / Husqvarna Factory Racing

The Alias Story

ALiAS MX was a passion project that centered around our love for the sport and our way of life. We made some of the best gear out there to protect our customers. No matter what we do, we'll all get hurt riding, it's the nature of the game. So from protection, we turned to healing. After careful research with some of the best scientific minds in the business, we formulated ALiAS Sport for the bumps, bruises, and full on crashes we all live through.