Our Story


From my earliest memories I have been involved with motocross. It is what I love, it is who I am. I started ALiAS MX as a passion-project to raise the standards when it comes MX gear, through innovation, functionality, quality and design. It was difficult to cease operations almost two years ago.

Over the past 18 months a series of fortunate circumstances had a great impact on my life. My family was introduced to an expert in plant-based medicine. And our lives were changed for the better.

Earlier this year new government legislation opened the door for the use of certain hemp infused botanical products. At ALiAS, we recognized a unique opportunity to improve the performance and health of the community that we love.

Our goal with ALiAS MX was always to create the best products for the motocross community. While we will no longer be making rider gear, we know ALiAS Sport will change the game.

We are doing this for you. We are doing this to advance the performance of athletes and riders everywhere. We are doing this for all who love riding and racing, and pushing themselves to the extreme.

Eric Grondahl

Founder, ALiAS Sport